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Perast (Пераст) area (click on the pictures)

Beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site situated in a strategic place in the fjord's bottom, and often described as the "Jewel in the Crown" of the coast of Montenegro, Perast represents the best preserved baroque place in the Adriatic. Due to it being strictly protected by UNESCO, Perast is completely preserved of any modern construction. This unspoilt, romantic and peaceful village of fishermen, plenty relaxing for people who live in a large city, is full of history, old palaces and churches from the seafaring days of the Venetian Republic when it was the home of wealthy merchants.

                              Sunrise.View from the apartment

                                             Another view

Opposite Perast (and the house) there are the famous twin church islets – St George and Our Lady of the Rock. Legend has it, a Lady died while waiting for her sailor lover to return from the seas. The sailor’s tribute to her was by throwing a rock in the same place for 400 years.

Ideal for romantic holiday just for two …

For sale. Waiting for you !

Perast is reputed to be the sunniest place throughout the year in the Adriatic (270 sunny days in the year). One can bathe from May to the end of October in the deep crystal waters of the fjord. The property is just 30 seconds to the sea and a little fish harbour, with many small beaches and jetties available locally for sunbathing, swimming from or if you prefer a spot of fishing, enjoying the absolutely amazing scenery of this magnificent place.

During the summer months the small beach bar (‘Pirates’) is 2 mins walk from our house and is open from morning till night. The beach is part sand part rock, but has sun umbrellas and sun lounges for all day hire. Otherwise, reserve a seat at the Pirate Bar and go for a dip when ever you like. It’s magic here, especially during sunset...

Just outside the apartment it is possible to take boat trips across to the islands.

The Adriatic coast is 20 mins drive away with the famous sandy Jaz beach. Here you can hire jet skis at very reasonable prices and there are many small bars and restaurants. Or if you prefer quieter sandy beaches, these can also be found on Lustica peninsula with its beautiful wild landscape 20 minutes drive away from Perast. Blue Horizon is a large sandy beach about 30 mins drive away.

The peaceful Perast is a short drive (13 km) from the vibrant Kotor. Budva riviera and Herceg Novi are 20 mins away and Dubrovnik (in Croatia) only one hour away.

Perast suits the more discerning traveller who is looking for something special and it is ideally situated for all your sightseeing trips around this stunning country that is Montenegro.

Montenegro is still relatively undiscovered by western tourism but this is sure to change next years with the publicity it has recently been given.

It is a little country and distances are very short. Cetinje (1000 meters above sea level and 1 hour drive away), the historic capital of the former Kingdom of Montenegro (until 1919), offers faded splendour and charm. Venturing inland are Winter Ski Resorts (Durmitor or Kolasin) and Northern Mountains (2 hours drive away) for the more intrepid explorers or travellers. Drafting in breath taking Tara Canyon (about 90 mins drive away), ballooning in Northern Mountains (2 hours drive away); canoeing; hanggliding; paragliding; microlighting; rock & mountain climbing; mountain biking; twitching; sailing; snorkeling, etc.

The Tara Canyon, second after the Colorado Canyon (90 mins drive away)

Discover thescale of Kotor” (15 km from Perast), the extraordinary road that winds through the mountains (25 loops) and offers stunning successive views of the Kotor fjord.

Skadar lake, one of Europe's largest which stretches down into Albania, is approx 90 mins drive away and is well worth a visit. Here lives 200 wildlife species known nowhere else. There are some other wonderful places to explore ‘en route’. Little villages off the beaten track.

The climate in Perast is very pleasant with long hot summers and short mild winters.The locals see the ‘season’ as starting on May 1st and lasting until mid October. Our experience is that April and October can be wonderful too (17° to 21°C). A tranquil environment shared with the locals only, with weather roughly similar to UK Summers. In the peak months, Montenegro can get really hot (28-30°C in July and August), but it is not oppressive and there is always the opportunity to dip into the cool deep waters of Kotor Bay or swim off countless beaches along the very near Adriatic coast.

                                                          The beach in Perast

                     You can also swim from many piers along the fjord in the village

Winter are mild and sunny (average temperature: 14-15°C from December to March) and make Perast an excellent destination for a winter sun break. On the first Saturday of February take place in the waters of Perast the famous Mimosa Day .

Many painters, poets and writers, the first of all was Lord Byron, find inspiration along the shore of the fjord …especially in winter when peace, splendour and the magic atmosphere of Perast are shared only with people living here, cats, seagulls, St George and Our Lady of the Rock.

In Perast there are 2 local stores where most essential items can be purchased. It stocks fresh bread, fruit, milk, coffee, famous yogurts, fruit juices, excellent local beer and red or white wine, etc.

There is also a Post Office as well as several cafes and an excellent restaurant, ‘Conte’, which serve local fish, excellent meats and salads and where you can dine by the waterside.

 Another waterside restaurant is ‘Admiral’.

                                                              Konoba "Skolji"

Open since the 18th c., the tavern "Skolji" (from the italian Scoglio, sea rock) is always held by the Bilafer, a family of Venetian origin.Excellent (and good priced) traditional cooking (including a tasty lamb).

                                                        "Otok Bronza"

‘Otok Bronza’ is a restaurant, and wine bar, located at the end of Perast towards Kotor. It is a picturesque and genuine ‘Konoba’ (tavern) within a noble house built at the beginning of the 15th c., with original stone walls and a stunning ground of rocks with a little brook inside... Milian, a dreamer and a humorist, and his wife Sania, who is in love with Vincent van Gogh, serves seafood, salads and very excellent meats in a romantic traditional atmosphere and at reasonable prices.

                 A genuine 15th century "konoba"  (tavern) built on the rock

                                    A ground of rocks with a little brook inside

One of the best restaurants in Montenegro (‘Stari Mlini’) is in Ljuta (5 mins drive away from Perast towards Kotor).

No cash machine in Perast: only the Post office allows the money withdrawal.

Perast is car free : the access of the vehicles is prohibited in the village (only the residents, the taxis and an electric shuttle can circulate there). But there exist two free carparks at the entry and the exit of the village.

The locals are lively and friendly, wining and dining is very cheap in comparison to the rest of Europe (including the near Croatia) : the cost of living is approximately half of that in Western Europe. Holidaying in Montenegro is made all the easier because the currency is the Euro. Credit Cards are not yet widely accepted (except in several restaurants, many shops in Kotor and supermarkets), but withdrawal is very easy from the numerous cash machines (but exclusively in Kotor).

Nearest market is 5 mins drive away in Risan where there are supermarket and daily market with fresh products, eggs, fruit, vegetables, cheese, olive oil, honey, ham, fish, etc. Also Kotor (10 mins drive away) offers an old picturesque and coloured daily fresh market (until one o’clock).





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